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Respect Mom Shootout™ May 7 (SAT) Romeoville/WA/Schaumburg/Connect44

Respect Mom Shootout™ May 7 (SAT) Romeoville/WA/Schaumburg/Connect44

May 07, 2022
Lombard (IL), Romeoville (IL), Schaumburg (IL), West Chicago (IL)  Lombard (IL), Romeoville (IL), Schaumburg (IL), West Chicago (IL) 
Boys & Girls


ONE DAY SHOOTOUTS are youth basketball tournaments for boys and girls ages 2nd thru 12th. Travel, school and feeder basketball programs are all welcome (A & B divisions). Registration deadline is 10 days prior to the tournament. These basketball tournaments sell out very quickly! Only 8 openings in each bracket (A or B) ... first-come, first-served!

  • 2 games
  • 'A' and 'B' divisions (and C if needed)
  • Games are scheduled every other hour
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Beautiful full-size basketball courts
  • Great concessions, TVs and WiFi
  • All referees are state certified
  • Multiple-team discounts


One Day Shootouts

(224) 764-1329


District 44 Connect Center

1514 S Main St., Lombard, Illinois 60148
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Main (Court 5)

Romeoville Athletic & Events Center

55 Phelps Avenue, Romeoville, Illinois 60446
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6, Court 7, Court 8, Court 9, Court 10

Schaumburg Sport Center

1141 W. Irving Park Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60193
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4

Wheaton Academy

900 Prince Crossing Road, West Chicago, Illinois 60185
Main, Fieldhouse 1, Fieldhouse 2, Fieldhouse 3

2nd Boys arrow_forward
ALL IN Johnson 2nd/8U
Hoop Force Basketball 1-2nd/8U
Hoops4Health Bulldogs 2 Black 2nd/8U
Hoops4Health Bulldogs 2 Orange 2nd/8U
2/3rd Boys arrow_forward
Illinois Impact 2nd/3rd Boys 2-3rd/9U
Iowa Swarm Laney 3rd/9U
Memorial Park Traveling Wildcats 3rd/9U
4th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Kevin 3-4th/10U
Illinois Impact Basketball 3-4th/10U
Knocks Basketball 3-4th/10U
LVL 3/4 Gold 3-4th/10U
LVL 3/4 Purple 3-4th/10U
OTE 3/4 White 3-4th/10U
5th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
Illinois Fast School of Basketball 4-5th/11U
Illinois Impact 5th Boys 5th/11U
LVL 5th Purple 5th/11U
5th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Dblp Basketball 4-5th/11U
Knocks Basketball 4th/5th 4-5th/11U
OTE 4 4th/10U
Team Fvv Smith 5th/11U
5th Boys White arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Conrad 5-6th/12U
IGT Basketball (C) 5th/11U
Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs 5th/11U
SW Christian Knights 5th/11U
Wheatland Wizards 5th/11U
5th Boys Red arrow_forward
ALL IN Select Johnson 5th/11U
Ignite Hoops 5B Booth 5th/11U
LVL 5th Gold 5th/11U
OTE 5 Burgundy 5th/11U
5/6th Boys Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN T. Jackson 6th/12U
Illinois Kings 5-6th/12U
Limitless - Legan 6th 5-6th/12U
5/6th Boys White arrow_forward
ALL IN D. Jackson 6th/12U
Illinois Fast School of Basketball 6th/12U
Knocks Basketball 5th/6th 5-6th/12U
Wheatland Wizards 5-6th/12U
6th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Illinois Impact 6th Boys 6th/12U
LVL 6th Purple 6th/12U
Midwest Bobcats Blue 6th/12U
St. Charles Shearon 6th/12U
6th Boys White arrow_forward
Dixon 6th/12U
Knock Basketball 6th 6th/12U
Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs 6th/12U
6th Boys Black arrow_forward
EPIC Hoopz 6th/12U
IGT Basketball (B) 5-6th/12U
LVL 6th Gold 6th/12U
Marmion Academy- 6th 6th/12U
Paradise 6th 6th/12U
Team GRIII White 6th/12U
7th Boys Yellow arrow_forward
Chicago Hoops 6-7th/13U
Chicago Swarm Malcolm 7th/13U
Illinois Fast School of Basketball 6-7th/13U
7th Boys Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN Jackson 7th/13U
IL Ambush 6-7th/13U
Midwest Bobcats White 7/8th 7th/13U
Young Reckless 6-7th/13U
7th Boys White arrow_forward
BBC Elite 7th/13U
Flyers 7th/13U
Northside Thunder 7th/13U
OTE 7 White 7th/13U
Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs 7th/13U
7th Boys Maroon arrow_forward
Dblp Basketball 6-7th/13U
EPIC Hoopz 7th/13U
Loyalty 7th/13U
7th-7/8 Boys arrow_forward
PAC Elite 7th Grade 7th/13U
TEAM DUP 7-8th/14U
Team GRIII White 7th/13U
7th Boys Black arrow_forward
Midwest Bobcats Blue 7/8th 7th/13U
Predators-Robinson 7th/13U
7th Boys Red arrow_forward
Illinois Flight UA 7th/13U
LVL 7th Elite 7th/13U
Paradise 7 Blue 7th/13U
Team Fvv Harris 7th/13U
7/8th Boys arrow_forward
ALL IN Gino 8th/14U
Joliet Spurs 7-8th/14U
Twin City GOATs 7-8th/14U
7/8th Boys White arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Conrad 8th/14U
Ignite Hoops 8B Reibel 8th/14U
IGT Basketball (A) 7-8th/14U
Illinois Fast School of Basketball 7-8th/14U
8th Boys Maroon arrow_forward
LVL 8th Gold 8th/14U
Riverside Brookfield Bulldogs 8th/14U
TTNL Lightning 7-8th/14U
8th Boys Black arrow_forward
ALL IN Select Hart 9th/15U
EPIC Hoopz 8th/14U
Greater Purpose 8th/14U
Leopold Elite 8th/14U
8th Boys Blue arrow_forward
Dblp Basketball 8-9th/15U
LVL 8th Elite 8th/14U
8th Boys White arrow_forward
Illinois Impact 8th Orange 8th/14U
Illinois Impact Navy 8th Boys 8th/14U
Knocks Basketball 7/8 7-8th/14U
Young Reckless 8th/14U
8th Boys Red arrow_forward
TEAM DUP 8th/14U
team fvv fair 8th/14U
Team Fvv Robinson 8th/14U
Team GRIII White 8th/14U
8/9th Boys arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Jamal 9th/15U
Illinois Flight 9th (Green) 8-9th/15U
Illinois Kings 8-9th/15U
IL Rockets 14U/15U 8-9th/15U
Joliet Spurs 9th/15U
Wheatland Wizards 8-9th/15U
9th Boys arrow_forward
ALL IN Hart 9th/15U
ALL IN Priskos 9th/15U
Illinois Flight 9th 9th/15U
M14Hoops 15U Regional 2 9th/15U
TNT Shockers 8-9th/15U
8A-9th Boys arrow_forward
Elston Hoopers 9th/15U
IL Ambush 9-10th/16U
M14Hoops 8th Rising Gold 8th/14U
Xplosion 9th/15U
9/10th Boys Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN Almeroth 9-10th/16U
Illinois Rockers 9-10th/16U
Joliet Spurs 10th/16U
M14Hoops 15U Regional 1 9th/15U
Wheatland Wizards 9-10th/16U
9/10th Boys White arrow_forward
M14Hoops 15U National 1 9th/15U
M14Hoops 15U National 2 9th/15U
PSA Ballers HS 9-10th/16U
9/10th Boys Red arrow_forward
Knocks Basketball HS Boys 9-10th/16U
M14Hoops 15U National 3 9th/15U
Wildcats 9-10th/16U
HS Boys Maroon arrow_forward
Big 3 10-11th/17U
Chicago Swarm Conrad 10th/16U
IL Ambush 10th/16U
IL Rockets 16U 10th/16U
HS Boys Yellow arrow_forward
IL Ambush 11th/17U
Illinois Flight 16u 10th/16U
Joliet Spurs 10-11th/17U
M14Hoops 17U National 3 11th/17U
HS Boys Blue arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Jamal 10-11th/17U
M14Hoops 16U National 1 10th/16U
TNT Shockers 10th/16U
Wheatland Wizards 11th/17U
HS Boys White arrow_forward
AmayaAdvantage 1a 11th/17U
M14Hoops 17U National 1 11th/17U
Mercury Elite 17U Daniels 11th/17U
Mercury Elite 17U Kvam 11th/17U
Paradise 11th 11th/17U
HS Boys Red arrow_forward
Archangels 11th/17U
IL Rockets 17U 11th/17U
M14Hoops 17U National 2 11th/17U
QC FUTURE 11-12th/18U
12th Boys arrow_forward
BIG3 11th/17U
Chicago Hoops 11-12th/18U
Illinois Flight (Regional) 11th/17U
SBT 11-12th/18U
3/4th Girls arrow_forward
Pink Elite Evolution 3-4th/10U
Pink Elite Evolution York 3-4th/10U
Rockford Heat 3-4th/10U
Spartans 3/4 3-4th/10U
4th Girls Blue arrow_forward
OMG 4th 4th/10U
OTE 4th White 4th/10U
Park Ridge Elite 4th/10U
4th Girls White arrow_forward
Ignite Hoops 4G Tejeda 4th/10U
NWI Select 4th grade 4th/10U
OTE 4 4th/10U
Pink Elite 4th Power 4th/10U
Storm 4th/10U
Wheatland Lady Wizards 4th/10U
5th Girls Yellow arrow_forward
Lady Lightning Columbia 5 5th/11U
Storm B 5th/11U
5th Girls White arrow_forward
LVL Lady Lakers 4/5th 4-5th/11U
Spartans 5 4-5th/11U
Storm A 5th/11U
5th/6th Girls arrow_forward
ALL IN Thomas 5th/11U
Chicago Hoops 5-6th/12U
OMG 5th/6th 5-6th/12U
Orange Girls Jr Tbolts 5-6th/12U
Rockford Heat 5-6th/12U
6th Girls Yellow arrow_forward
ALL IN Herrmann 6th/12U
Knocks Basketball 6-7th/13U
Storm B 6th/12U
6th Girls Maroon arrow_forward
Lady Lightning Columbia 6 6th/12U
OMG Maroon 6th/12U
Pink Elite 6th Power Mussatto 6th/12U
6th Girls White arrow_forward
ALL IN Leach 6th/12U
Lady Lightning Elite 6 6th/12U
LVL Lady Lakers 6th Gold 6th/12U
6th Girls Black arrow_forward
Ignite 6G Hill 7th/13U
OMG Gold 6-7th/13U
Pink Elite 6th Power Modaff 6th/12U
6th Girls Red arrow_forward
Illinois Fast School of Basketball 6th/12U
Illinois Impact 6th Girls 6th/12U
Limitless - Wells 5-6th/12U
Run It 6th/12U
Spartans 6 Black 6th/12U
6/7th Girls Yellow arrow_forward
Chicago Swarm Franchesca 7th/13U
IL Ambush Girls 6-7th/13U
IL Defenders Cole 7th/13U
No Mercy Knights 6-7th/13U
6/7th Girls Blue arrow_forward
LVL Lady Lakers 6/7th 6-7th/13U
Pink Elite 7th Power 7th/13U
Rockford Heat Bonnet 7th/13U
Spartans 7th 6-7th/13U
7th Girls arrow_forward
City Elite Lightning 7th/13U
Illinois Impact 7th Girls 7th/13U
Limitless Legan - 7th Gold 7th/13U
NWI Select 7th/13U
Storm 7th/13U
7th Girls Red arrow_forward
ALL IN Coshun 7th/13U
Central Illinois Ironcats 7th/13U
Lady Lightning Columbia 7 7th/13U
Pink Elite 7th Power Yorkville 7th/13U
7/8th Girls Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN Coshun 8th/14U
IHUSTLE 7th 7th/13U
IL Ambush Girls 7-8th/14U
Pink Elite 8th Force 8th/14U
SpBlue Girls Jr Tbolts 7-8th/14U
7/8th Girls White arrow_forward
Fusion JV 9th/15U
LVL Lady Lakers 7/8th 7-8th/14U
OMG 8th 8th/14U
Pink Elite 8th Power 8th/14U
8th Girls arrow_forward
Lady Lightning Elite 7 7th/13U
Midwest Aviators 7-8th/14U
OTE 8 White 8th/14U
Pink Elite 2027 Elite 7th/13U
8/9th Girls arrow_forward
ALL IN Nitsch 9th/15U
Chicago Swarm Kevin 9th/15U
DGN Black 9th/15U
Limitless - Wells 8th Elite 8th/14U
The Royals (A) 8th/14U
8A/9th Girls Blue arrow_forward
IHUSTLE 7-8th/14U
Illinois Icons 9th/15U
OTE 8 Burgundy 8th/14U
HS Girls Blue arrow_forward
ALL IN Leach 9-10th/16U
GHS Tbolts 9-10th/16U
IMPENSA 1 9-10th/16U
NWI Select 9th/15U
Oneonfive elite blue 10-11th/17U
Phills Lady Ballers White 10th/16U
HS Girls White arrow_forward
Fusion Varsity 11-12th/18U
Lady Ambassadors 10-11th/17U
No Mercy Knights HS 10-11th/17U
Vikings 10-11th/17U
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