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Summer Slam™ July 16 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Summer Slam™ July 16 (SAT) Aurora/Romeoville

Jul 16, 2022
Aurora (IL), Romeoville (IL)  Aurora (IL), Romeoville (IL) 
Boys & Girls


ONE DAY SHOOTOUTS are youth basketball tournaments for boys and girls ages 2nd thru 12th. Travel, school and feeder basketball programs are all welcome (A & B divisions). Registration deadline is 10 days prior to the tournament. These basketball tournaments sell out very quickly! Only 8 openings in each bracket (A or B) ... first-come, first-served!

  • 2 games
  • 'A' and 'B' divisions (and C if needed)
  • Games are scheduled every other hour
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Beautiful full-size basketball courts
  • Great concessions, TVs and WiFi
  • All referees are state certified
  • Multiple-team discounts


One Day Shootouts

(224) 764-1329


M14Hoops Academy

2414 Church Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505
1 - England, 2 - Bosnia, 3 - Germany, 4 - Rwanda, 5 - Spain, 6 - Argentina

Romeoville Athletic & Events Center

55 Phelps Avenue, Romeoville, Illinois 60446
Court 1, Court 2, Court 3, Court 4, Court 5, Court 6, Court 7, Court 8, Court 9, Court 10

Boys 3rd/9U
Memorial Park Traveling Wildcats 3rd/9U
Boys 4th/10U
BIG3 Dixon 4th/10U
First Step RedHawks 4th/10U
IDM Panthers 3-4th/10U
No Mercy Blaze 3-4th/10U
Region Future 2030 Elite 4th/10U
Region Future 2030 Select 4th/10U
Boys 5th/11U
Berwyn Mustangs 5th/11U
D.A.Y.O.N.E. Basketball 5th/11U
EOB 5th/11U
Firestars 5th/11U
First Step RedHawks 5th/11U
Illinois Flight 5th/11U
Illinois Kings 5th/11U
Midwest Royals 5th/11U
Boys 6th/12U
Chicago Rebelz 5-6th/12U
Dblp Basketball Black 6th/12U
Dixon stars basketball Club- Black 6th/12U
First Step RedHawks 6th/12U
Illinois Central Elite - 5th-6th Grey 5-6th/12U
Illinois Flight 6th/12U
MAN UP 5/6th 5-6th/12U
Midwest Bobcats Blue 6th/12U
Midwest Wildcats-Lindsay 5-6th/12U
No Mercy All-Stars 5-6th/12U
Red Raiders 5-6th/12U
South Cook Jaguars 6th/12U
Team MC 6th Boys Maroon 6th/12U
Boys 7th/13U
ALL IN Hart 6-7th/13U
BIG3 Dixon 7th/13U
Calumet Park Jaguars 6-7th/13U
Dixon stars basketball club-Gold 7th/13U
Firestars 6-7th/13U
Illinois Central Elite - 7th White 7th/13U
Illinois Flight 6-7th/13U
Illinois Flight 7th/13U
Mac Irvin FIRE 7th/13U
Midwest Bobcats Blue 7/8th 7th/13U
Midwest Bobcats White 6-7th/13U
No Mercy Legends 7th/13U
Boys 8th/14U
BIG3 Gio 8th/14U
BIG3 Roselle 8th/14U
Calumet Park Jaguars 8th/14U
Dblp Basketball 7-8th/14U
DP Warriors 7-8th/14U
Illinois Intruders 8th/14U
Meanstreetsbrown 8th/14U
Team Fvv Danforth 8th/14U
Team FVV Fair 8th/14U
Team FVV Robinson 8th/14U
Team M.O.R.E 2026 8th/14U
Thunder 7-8th/14U
Boys 9th/15U
ALL IN Select Hart 9th/15U
BIG3 Brock Red 9th/15U
BIG3 Brock White 9th/15U
Dekalb Bengals 8-9th/15U
Illinois Flight 9th 9th/15U
Boys 10th/16U
Eastland 10th/16U
IDM Panthers 9-10th/16U
Ridge Rangers 10th/16U
TNT (2nd) 10th/16U
Boys 11th/17U
AmayaAdvantage 1a 11th/17U
CSA 17U 11th/17U
No Mercy Heat 10-11th/17U
Girls 3rd/9U
Midwest Bobcats 3rd Girls 3rd/9U
Girls 4th/10U
Midwest Bobcats 3/4 3-4th/10U
Midwest Wildcats-Park 4th/10U
Rockford Heat 3-4th/10U
Girls 5th/11U
Angels Basketball 5th/11U
Bolingbrook Panthers 4-5th/11U
Eureka 11U Girls 5th/11U
Lady Lightning Columbia 5 5th/11U
Team MC 4th/5th Girls Maroon 4-5th/11U
WI PGC 2029 5th/11U
Girls 6th/12U
Angels Basketball 5-6th/12U
Lady Lightning Columbia 6 6th/12U
Lady Lightning Elite 6 6th/12U
Lady No Limit 6th/12U
Midwest Bobcats Blue 5/6th 5-6th/12U
Midwest Wildcats-Abney 6th/12U
Rockford Heat 5-6th/12U
Girls 7th/13U
ALL IN Pearson 7th/13U
Bolingbrook Panthers 7 6-7th/13U
Energy Basketball Club 6-7th/13U
Lady Lightning Columbia 7 7th/13U
Midwest Bobcats 7th/13U
Midwest Wildcats-Gunderson 7th/13U
Rockford Heat Bonnet 7th/13U
Girls 8th/14U
A2Zoe/Erin 7-8th/14U
Bolingbrook Panthers 8th/14U
Energy Basketball Club 8th/14U
Illinois Evolution Black 8th/14U
Lady No Limit 8th/14U
Limitless - Wells 8th Elite 8th/14U
Midwest Wildcats-Palmer 8th/14U
Rockford Heat Red 8th/14U
Girls 9th/15U
Angels 15 - Douglas 9th/15U
Outwork Elite 8-9th/15U
Rockford Heat Staciones 9th/15U
Girls 10th/16U
No Mercy ICE 10th/16U
Warriors 10th/16U
Girls 11th/17U
Angels Basketball V 10-11th/17U
Girls 12th/18U
Fusion Varsity 11-12th/18U